‚ú®PRETTY SAILOR SOLDIER ūüĆô Sweater ‚ú®‚ú¶ 100% one of a kind!  ‚ô•


Show off your deep love for Sailor Moon with this super cute, Pretty Sailor Solder Sweater! Grab this exclusive Winter design while it last~ ūüĆô

I N F O ‚ô•

‚ú¶ Care instructions:  Always wash in cold water. Turn sweater inside out when washing to preserve Design. Wash either by hand or machine. Be gentle with your chen apparel ( ¬ī őĶ ` )‚ô° 

‚ú¶ Material: This Sweater is made of 90% Cotton + 20% Polyester. Pre shrunk. Always Soft, warm, breathable & built to last!


‚ú¶ Sweater Color ‚ô• Pink

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‚ú¶ The lovely model Tee ‚ô• Tee is wearing a large.


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N O T E ‚ô• Due to the plandemic, Fulfillment time for printing with my apparel manu has increased so they might take abit to send. Thank you so much for your patience babes ‚ô•



Pretty Sailor Soldier ūüĆôSweater Design