Moonlite Anniversary©

A short vanilla hentai story filled with love and a sweet serving of melanin ( ♥////♥ )

S T O R Y ✦ P L O T

This story is about Aionya < aye - own - yah > & Osiris, Celebrating their 7th Anniversary in Osaka, Japan. This beautiful couple had plans to attend a concert after dinner. . .until Osiris relieved he forgot the tickets at the Hotel. . .With that they head back to the hotel! On there way they experience a bit of adventure and some sweet juiciness ♥

Release date: Feb 2017 


( 5.50 x 7 in )   ✦  16 Pages  ✦  Fully Colored  ✦  Saddle stitched with a soft finished cover

This book is for ADULTS ONLY


♥ Each copy is signed with a note ♡ Official Moonlite Anniversary Fan page ♥


Moonlite Anniversary / Moonlite Eve © 2020

Moonlite ☾ Anniversary